Moonstone is a Tabletop Skirmish Game for 2-4 players set in the whimsical storybook world of Tauber.

Alongside it’s human population, Tauber is inhabited by mischievous Faeries, trickster Goblins, gruff Gnomes, revolting Trolls and stoic Giants to mention just some of the incredible biodiversity on display.

The first two 32mm scale miniatures of Firespitter and Baron Von Fancyhat have been released via Kickstarter with many more characters to follow.

firespittgob101.BaronVonFancyHat_Front copy

The most precious resource known to the inhabitants of Tauber are the Moon Stones, so called due to the way they emerge from the ground in small clusters at unpredictable locations during the night only to be dissolved by the emerging sun. An enterprising leader can earn a king’s ransom by quickly rooting up the stones at the break of dawn and trading them to the Wizards Guild in the capital.

Players of MoonstoneTM must quickly assemble a troupe of adventures to set forth and collect the stones. Of course as word quickly spreads, you may not be the only one with your eyes on the prize and sadly bloody conflict is almost inevitable….

The game is currently in Public Beta Playtesting. You can give it a try yourself right now for free. Check out our Getting Started page for more information.