Moonstone May '22: Painting Contest

From 1st to 31st May 2022 we invite you to post photos of your painted Moonstone minis on social media channels, using the hashtag #MoonstoneMay22. There are four categories you can enter and at the start of June we’ll ask the community to vote for their favourites in each category. The winners in each category will then receive a £25 gift card to spend in our webstore.


When you share your photo please let us know which of these categories you’re entering:


1. Hobbyist Single Miniature

Open to hobbyist painters only; must be of a single miniature; will be judged on technical painting skill and artistic flair.


2. Hobbyist Whole Troupe

Open to hobbyist painters only; must include 5 to 8 miniatures from the same faction; will be judged on technical painting skill and cohesiveness of the whole troupe.


3. Most Original Concept

Open to hobbyist painters and commission painters; can be a single miniature or up to 8 miniatures; includes conversions, fantastical bases, wacky / themed paint schemes; judged on originality and quality of concept, as well as painting skill.


4. Commission Painters

Open to commission painters only; can be a single miniature or up to 8 miniatures; the entry must not have won a prize previously or been commissioned by GKG.

‘Commission painters' are defined as individuals who offer painting services for hire. ‘Commission painters’ refers to the individual, not the miniature(s) being submitted. For example, if a commission painter has Moonstone miniatures in their personal collection the miniatures are still classed as a ‘Commission painter’.


Individuals who don't offer paint for hire services are classed as ‘Hobbyist painters'.

'Hobbyist' and ‘Commission’ painters

To enter

  • Post on Instagram using the hashtag #MoonstoneMay22 and mention us @GoblinKingGames
  • Or, post on Twitter using the hashtag #MoonstoneMay22 and mention us @MoonstoneGame
  • Or, post in the Moonstone Players Facebook group using the hashtag #MoonstoneMay22
  • You may post to more than one of the above platforms if you wish.
  • Photos should be of good enough quality that we can see the detail of your work from multiple angles.
  • We’ll assume the first image is the ‘main image' you’d like us to share later, but please feel free to add as many images you feel appropriately presents your mini.
  • Please don’t include watermarks or logos on your entries.

How we’ll choose the winners

  • We will judge the submissions by the quality and technical skill of the artist, unless otherwise stated, and  will select the six best entries in each category as the shortlist.
  • In June we will share the ‘main image’ of the six selected miniatures from each category shortlist on the Moonstone Facebook Page.
  • We will ask followers of that account to ‘love’ their favourite image by a given deadline, the winner will be the one with the most ‘love’ reactions.
  • In the event of a tie (where two or more miniatures have the same number of ‘love’ reactions) at the given deadline, Goblin King Games will decide the final winner.
  • We will announce the winners in  June, each of whom will win a £25 gift card for the Moonstone web store (note that the Commission category winners may choose an alternative prize - see the Further T&Cs).



Further T&Cs


  • Entries on social media must be the entrant’s work, submissions of other people’s work will not be accepted; those who enter another person’s work will be excluded from the competition entirely; however if a young Moonstoner isn’t on social media but would like to enter, we will accept entries from a parent or guardian via (all other T&Cs are still applicable in that instance).
  • Entries should be submitted between 00.01 on 1st May 2022 and 23.59 on 31st May 2022 (UK time).
  • Miniatures do not need to have been painted during May in order to be entered. Submitting your old work is perfectly fine.
  • You may enter more than once (both multiple minis in the same category and/or multiple categories) but a mini may only be entered into one category.
  • By entering the competition you give Goblin King Games permission to use your images in promotional materials, in image galleries, future book galleries, and other places we feel is appropriate (although this will always be with attribution, including @mentioning social media accounts where possible).
  • Goblin King Games' decisions throughout the process is final.
  • Entries should be of miniatures that haven’t previously won any awards or been used by Goblin King Games in a professional capacity.
  • We will share some examples throughout the month to encourage participation, but this does not indicate who the winners are or may be.
  • Prizes are £25 gift vouchers for the Moonstone official web store and are not transferable into cash or any other equivalent; however, the winner of ‘Commission Painters’ (category 4) may choose to have a dedicated post on the Moonstone account that is ‘boosted’ by £25 instead.
  • If you have any questions please contact or one of our social media accounts messaging services.