Resin Vs Metal Comparison Photos

Many of our Kickstarter Backers have asked us “Should I choose Metal or Resin?”

Here is our answer from the Kickstarter FAQ:

This is really a matter of personal preference. 

Both hold fine details and sharp edges incredibly well, there is practically no difference at all in that regard (and both materials *vastly* exceed plastic in detail!). The only differences are that the microscopic surface texture of metal is a little rougher and mould lines can sometimes be more visible (although that’s not guaranteed). For display case painters those advantages of resin can be important enough to justify the increase in cost but resin is also more brittle and long thin parts can be prone to snapping in situation where metal would just bend (easily bent back again easily with your finders) so many gamers prefer metal for that reason.

We’re hoping to post up some side by side macro photography comparison shots before the conclusion of the campaign to help undecided backers see the quality of both materials up close.

Another factor to consider is that the joints of multi-part metal miniatures (where glue is applied) can be more prone to coming apart when bumped or bashed compared to resin. This can be negated by ‘pinning’ the joints.

The final factor backers should consider is the delivery time for your order. Metal is a lot faster to produce than resin and backers who choose Metal will almost certainly get their orders a ahead of backers who opt for Resin. Its hard to give precise estimates but the difference could be in the range of 2-8 weeks, depending on the final ratio of orders.

However, to further help backers decide we have also taken some direct comparison shots of the two materials. Both materials were cast for us by the extremely experienced and talented technicians at Hysterical Games and were cast specifically for Moonstone (these are from our Moonstones and Mushrooms Base Accessories add-on). Please appreciate that by looking at these images on screen you are viewing them greatly magnified. In reality these Mushrooms are tiny (the flower is 7mm tall and even the tallest mushroom shown is only 13.5mm in height) and the photos have been taken with a high power macro lenses specifically to reveal the tiny imperfections and subtle differences – most of which are completely invisible to the naked eye. Also please appreciate that in order to keep the test completely fair, neither material has had any clean up at all – both resin and metal have come directly from the mould.

Anyway, on here are the test results (click to enlarge):

img_6180 img_6177 img_6178 img_6175 img_6173 img_6172 img_6170 img_6168


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